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Charlie Henderson, Licensed Massage Therapist


Welcome to Full Moon Massage! My name is Charlie Henderson and I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2017. I went to Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Rochester, NY (and absolutely adored every minute of it). After practicing massage therapy as an employee for almost three years, I decided that it was time to take that bold leap and open my own practice. My priorities are 1) nurturing a healing, welcoming environment for every client and 2) using massage therapy to alleviate clients' mental and physical tension. Thank you so much for visiting online, have a wonderful day and I hope you make an appointment soon!



Monday: 9am - 9 pm

Wednesday: 9am - 9pm

Thursday: 9am - 9pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm


Swedish massage

Relaxation massage

Deep tissue massage

Orthopedic massage

Trigger point therapy

Myofascial release


These services don't have to be separate with a session exclusively featuring one, we can decide on a custom blend of services to fit your needs.

I do not offer pregnancy or any side-lying massage.


30 minute massage: $30

60 minute massage: $60

90 minute massage: $90

120 minute massage: $120

If you come more than once in a month, your first session is the normal price, then all following sessions that month will be discounted. Special return prices listed below.

30 minute massage: $20

60 minute massage: $40

90 minute massage: $60

120 minute massage: $80

Schedule, Services, and Pricing


What pressure can you provide?

      The pressure I provide during the massage is completely customizable, so you will receive whatever pressure you request. My pressure ranges anywhere from light to deep.

Would you be willing to massage someone with medical issues?

      I'm generally willing and able to work with any medical issues, although there are some medical issues that contraindicate massage. If you're worried about this, you can contact me, or first consult your doctor. I reserve the right to deny service or require a doctor's note if deemed necessary. I do not currently offer pregnancy massage.

What are your cleaning procedures?

      30 minutes are placed between all of my client's sessions, to ensure that everything in the treatment room is properly cleaned. I, of course, change all of the sheets between clients, and also use EPA certified disinfectants on every surface (including the massage table). Sheets are freshly cleaned for each individual client. My hands and forearms are washed thoroughly multiple times between sessions.

Where are you located?

      I'm located at 35 North Goodman Street in Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts. It's a quaint white house with a red door and red front steps. There's a driveway on the side of the house that leads to a back parking lot that clients can park in. You can just walk through the front door, take the first door on the right, and wait in the waiting area.



Charlie Henderson LMT

Neighborhood of the Arts

35 North Goodman Street

Rochester, NY 14607

Book Online

Call or Text: (585) 645-3233 (texting preferred)


My Facebook Page

(you can contact me through Facebook messenger as well)

Unfortunately, this location is not wheelchair accessible. There are stairs leading to the front door.

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